Year 2013:
  • Our N-linked glycosylation paper is accepted by Nucleic Acids Research.
  • Joint paper on acute and chronic HIV C subtype is published by Journal of Virology.
  • Gretchen Parrott was introduced to the Delta Omega Public Health Honor Society.
  • Gretchen Parrott graduated with M.S. degree in Epidemiology.
  • Tim Shaw received Graduate School Dissertation Completion Award. He is also a recipient of ARCS Foundation Global Impact Award.
  • Tess Griffin received the Goizueta Fellowship. She is also a Presidential Fellowship Scholar.
  • Weiliang Kang graduated with B.S. degree in Biology. She will pursue her PharmD degree at University of Illinois at Chicago.
  • Tess Griffin passed PhD qualification exam.
Year 2012:
  • Eric Gillis joined the group.He is a Ph.D. student in Epidemiology.
  • Amir Manzour passed PhD qualification exam.
  • Weixin Ling graduated with M.S. in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Jian Li graduated with M.S. in Biochemistry.
Year 2011:
  • Our RNA structure paper is accepted by Encyclopedia in Life Sciences.
  • Joint paper on HIV subtype B transmission is published by PLoS Pathogens.
  • Joint paper on human bocavirus 2 is published by BMC Infect Diseases.
  • Joint paper on noroviruses is published by Infection, Genetics and Evolution.
  • Tim Shaw received ARCS Foundation Global Impact Award on his HIV RNA and entropy project.
  • Tim Shaw passed PhD qualification exam.
  • Tim Shaw, Ryusuke Sawada, Jian Li, Weiliang Kang, Weixin Ling joined the group.

Our group was set up in April 2011.